Frequently Asked Questions

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We have 2 types of e-card, static (no animation) and animated e-cards. Any of our print card designs can be converted to an e-card so that you can keep your holiday theme consistent for the season.
Step 1. Select design – You can select from any of our existing e-card designs or we can create a full-custom design for you. We can also assist you in selecting a design for your company.

Step 2. Customize e-card – Customization options include adding your logo, custom message, changing the color theme to match your company colors, changing the images, charity message, etc.

Step 3. Select music – You can change the music on any of our e-cards. You can choose from our music selection at or provide your own music file.

Step 4. Review e-card – Once we have all the customization details, we will create an e-card proof for review.

Step 5. Send e-card – Once the ecard proof is approved, we will finalize the e-card and also assist you in sending the e-card directly through your email system or we can also send it on your behalf (additional cost applies).
Full custom e-card design – We can discuss what style of e-card you need and we can create a unique, full-custom animated e-card for you.

Multiple ecard options – You can provide senders with multiple e-card options too, say, one holiday e-card, one Thanksgiving e-card and one Thank You e-card. We will then create an e-card order site that allows users to select an e-card that they would like to send.

E-card personalization system – The system allows multiple users to add the recipient’s name, a personal message and the sender’s name to the e-card.

E-card delivery options – To send the e-card, you can use your own email system, an email marketing system or we can send it on your behalf too.

Please contact us if you have any other special requirements.
An animated e-card includes:

– Customization with your logo and message, changing the color theme/images/texts
– Adding an extra page for charity message/logo, picture, additional message, signatures, etc.
– 30 minutes to 2 hours of artwork modification (depending on order package)
– E-card email template
– Mobile optimization, responsive design
– E-card viewing analytics
– Support multiple languages

Note: Use of e-card personalization system and other sending options may cost extra.
For our existing e-card designs, production time typically takes about 4-7 business days from your order date.

Once we receive your order, we will need about 2-4 business days for the 1st proof. Upon approval, we will run some test, which takes about 1-3 business days, to ensure that the e-card is working smoothly on different platforms. It should then be ready for sending via your email system. If you would like to use our e-card personalization system and/or sending system, it will be take an additional 5-7 business days.

For a full custom e-card design, it may add an additional 2-5 business days during the animation stage.

We also accept RUSH ORDERS. Please call or email us for more information.